Vannfall i vintersol

Western Norway’s largest renewables company

BKK works in the renewables industry and is an important part of the solution when society must reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Along with our partners and the authorities, we are working towards the goal of a fully electrified Norway.

In order to succeed, we are involved in hydropower production, energy trading and infrastructure for power and fibre. We also have activities in district heating, energy metering, contracting services, internet and telecom solutions.

The backbone of our energy system
Our roughly 1,300 employees develop, build and keep the social engine we call infrastructure running – the actual backbone of our energy system. That allows us to live, work, attend school, grow cherries in Hardanger and enjoy illuminated Christmas streets. Altogether we have almost a quarter of a million network customers, and as many as seven in ten large companies use our telecom solutions.

Important role in the green shift
BKK develops and stimulates solutions for various sectors in terms of replacing fossil energy with renewable energy solutions. For example, we are currently building the world’s largest onshore power facility for the cruise industry, and are investing in startups that can contribute to the green shift.

Hydropower is an essential part of a fully electrified society. As much as half of the European storage capacity of renewable energy is in Norway. BKK alone has a storage capacity that corresponds to 250 million large Tesla batteries, and is set to become Norway’s leading electrification player.


BKK is structured as a group with BKK AS as the parent company.

  • Head office in Bergen, Norway
  • Chief Executive Officer: Jannicke Hilland
  • 1,300 employees
  • Key figures 2019
    • Gross operating income: NOK 5.5 billion
    • Consolidated profit/loss: NOK 2.3 billion
  • In 2020 BKK celebrated 100 years