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We provide new opportunities

The roots and operations of the energy and infrastructure company BKK are based in Western Norway. The Group’s core activities are the generation, sale and transmission of electric power, and the extension of fibre networks

Our vision is “We provide new opportunities for tomorrow”. BKK shall lead the way in developing climate-friendly energy and future-oriented infrastructure solutions. We shall be a leading future-oriented energy and infrastructure company, playing a key role in social development in the future. The Group’s main strategy is based on our core values: value creation, social responsibility, initiative and reliability.

The company’s head office is located in Bergen.

Financial information

BKK is entering into a busy period. We shall be making considerable investments in new and existing plant between now and 2020.

    Information to suppliers

    Sponsorship, support and collaboration

    We support diversity and breadth within sports, culture, charitable objectives and other good measures with local involvement.

    As a dedicated and well-known social player, we want to give something back to the society that has given us the opportunity to manage natural resources and important infrastructure.

    1. Sports
    2. Testing
    3. Culture
    4. Outdoor recreation

    The school programme at VilVite

    Through the “Spenningsekspedisjonen” (“the Exciting Expedition”) school programme, school children are given the chance to learn about energy and electricity and gain important training in fire hazards linked to the use of the latter.