Meter Reading

Meter reading

Manual meter reading

The electricity meters measure your power consumption even more accurately than before, without you needing to lift a finger. Unfortunately, technology doesn't always cooperate, and some customers still need to manually read their electricity usage.

New reading

For those who don't have an automatic electricity meter.

Submit meter reading (åpnes i nytt vindu)

Manual meter reading online

Unfortunately, there are some areas where we cannot use the new technology for transmitting meter information. This can be due to a lack of mobile coverage, among other reasons. If this applies to the electricity meter in your home or cabin, we ask that you continue to submit your meter data via SMS or at the top of this page.

Registering meter reading via SMS or Email

If you need to manually read your electricity meter, you can choose to do so via SMS or email. To do this, we need your phone number. You can enter it on

Meter reading (åpnes i nytt vindu)

As the time for reading approaches, you will receive an SMS from us. The sender will have a number starting with "22580," plus a unique 9-digit ID (e.g., 22580125750015). This unique number links your meter reading to your meter and you as a customer, and therefore, it varies each time. If you have multiple electricity meters with us, you will receive one SMS from such a unique number for each meter.

To submit the meter reading, you simply respond to the message by entering the read meter value. Your response cannot contain anything other than the meter reading.

Which numbers on the meter should be read?

The number of digits in the meter reading can vary depending on the type of meter you have. Additionally, you need to provide different numbers depending on whether you use SMS or email to submit the reading. We only use whole number meter readings. Any numbers after the decimal point should not be reported.

SMS: Provide the meter reading without any leading zeros

Email or phone: Provide all digits, including leading zeros, except digits that are marked in red at the end or are displayed in red.

Made a mistake?

If you report the wrong meter reading, you can send a new SMS with the correct meter reading, log in to My Pages, or contact our customer center. This can be changed until we start the production of invoices.

Common causes of errors:

  • Incorrect meter reading has been provided
  • Consumption in the last period is unusually high or low compared to a normal period. This can happen if the residence has been vacated or if we have previously estimated your consumption due to a lack of knowledge of the actual meter reading.
  • The letter "O" has been used instead of the number "0."
  • The meter reading has been provided as a decimal number. This means that numbers after the meter's decimal point have been included.

Meter reading (åpnes i nytt vindu)