Do you have a power cut at home?

The reason why you do not have electricity may be due to faults in the electricity grid, or planned disconnections for maintenance and upgrades.

Most power cuts due to the electricity grid are repaired within two hours. Sometimes it can take longer, for example during heavy storms or if the fault is difficult to repair. We fully understand the problems a power cut causes our customers, and we will work hard to repair the fault as quickly as possible.

You will receive an SMS from us if the electricity supply is interrupted.

We will do our best to notify you as soon as we find a fault in the electricity grid in your area. Our customers in Bergen and the surrounding area will receive an SMS within 10 minutes on phone number we have registered in our customer system.

See our electricity map to get an overview of areas that are without supply

View a map of power outages (åpnes i nytt vindu)

Contact us on tel. +47 55 12 71 77 (Åpner telefonklient) if you have information about dangerous situations or unnotified power outages.