Report errors and dangerous situations to us

Can you see anything that could be a danger to the electricity grid? We will be very grateful if you report it to us.

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Some examples of such dangerous situations could include:

  • An open electrical power cabinet
  • Trees that have fallen onto an electricity cable
  • Trees that are creating tension in an electricity cable
  • An electricity cable that is on the ground or hanging near the ground

It is very important that you keep your distance from cables that are hanging low down or are on the ground. The cable can be live and cause serious injury if you get too close or come into contact with it.

The more detailed the information we receive from you, the better we are able to assess how critical the situation is, and take the right action at the right time if necessary. We want to know about the error as fast as possible, so please let us know by calling us on tel. 55 12 70 00. You can also send us an email via and attach:

  • A photo of the situation.
  • The address, location coordinates or description of the place where the situation has occurred. The more detailed the information we receive from you, the easier it is for us to find the place in question.
  • Telephone number. Usually we will not require more information from you, but if something is unclear or we need more information, we will get back in touch.

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