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From waste to warmth

District heating is fantastic for the environment. We use the heat generated when BIR incinerates your waste.

About district heating

District heating has replaced polluting oil boilers and makes a substantial contribution to cleaner air in Bergen. Increasing energy recovery from waste as a substitute for fossil fuels is a national goal. The heat from waste is regarded as renewable because it is waste heat.

A district heating system is a centralised heating system that supplies a city district or multiple buildings with heat and hot tap water. District heating is a flexible platform. Regardless of which energy source produces the most surplus heat or is the most environmentally friendly to use in the future, all of them will be able to heat water.

The district heating network

We are continuing to expand the district heating network in Bergen and are planning for further growth.

Contact us

If you want your building connected to the district heating network, you can contact us.