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Network connection and electricity supply

As long as you are connected to the electricity supply network in BKK's area, you have to pay a network tariff to us for running and maintaining the electricity cables. In addition, you have to choose an electricity supplier to buy your electricity from. The electricity suppliers in BKK's area are presented in this list, and to compare the different products from the different suppliers you can use the price comparison tool administered by the Norwegian Consumer Council.


To enter into an agreement with an electricity supllier you must inform them about your meter point administration number ("målepunkt-ID"). This number can be obtained from the former resident or by contacting us.


Network tariffs, from 1. januar 2018

You are charged a network tariff for the connection and use of the electricity supply network. The tariff covers costs related to the development, maintenance and operation of the electricity supply network, and a 24-hour emergency response. The rest of the network tariff consists of taxes that we are required to collect on behalf of the government.

Fixed amount  2050 kroner/year
Variable amount 42,475 øre/kWh

The tariff includes a 1 øre/kWh tax to the Energy Fund (Enova), a 16,58 øre/kWh tax on energy to the government and 25% VAT.

More information about network tariffs and standard terms and conditions of supply is available only in Norwegian.

Please note that you are responsible for your electricity consumption until your subscription has been terminated.



Meter Reading

Readings can be registered on My Page, by SMS if we have your number, by calling 800 33 380 (in Norwegian) or by using the link below.


The invoice is distributed two weeks after the meter reading. Meter readings occur six times a year for customer with a consumption level above 4 000 kWh/year and for customers with a consumption level below this will receive an invoice 3 times a year. The meter should be read as close as possible to the first day of January, March, April, July, September and November. 



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Compensation for long-term power outages

In the event of long-term power outages you may be entitled to a compensation

In order to receive a compensation

  1. 1
    The power outage must have lasted for more than 12 hours
  2. 2
    The size of the compensation depends on the duration of the power outage
  3. 3
    The compensation will be deducted from your next invoice
  4. 4
    The compensation must be claimed as soon as possible and not later than three months after the power outage
The place for the power outage
The time for the power outage
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