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Production of thermal energy and cooling

BKK's local energy solutions are local systems for producing thermal energy and cooling. The hot water is used both for tap water and waterborne heating systems.

BKK is technology neutral when it comes to choosing solutions and energy carriers for its local energy solutions. We look at the interaction between different technologies – and have wide-ranging expertise in the use of bioenergy (e.g. wood pellets and chips), solar energy (solar cells and collectors), large heat pump systems, and oil /gas.

We offer to construct/operate and finance the energy solution such that the customer is provided with ready-to-use energy in kWh. Our goal is to make it easy for customers to purchase the cheapest possible energy from good, local solutions. Within the renovation market, we particularly focus on housing cooperatives. We take over a customer's existing older system (including oil furnaces), analyse its performance, and check whether the needs of neighbouring buildings could trigger a larger volume that could be developed, phase by phase, into a new, green local heating solution for the area.

We provide the property development, new building and industry segment with access to energy expertise and needs analyses to help them choose and put together suitable energy solutions. The goal is to put in place smart, cost-efficient and reliable energy solutions that meet the customer's energy needs.

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