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Fiber and Internet for Business

We offer solutions for fiber, Internet and data communications.

    Critical infrastructure

    BKK EnoTek – total supplier of critical infrastructure

      From waste to warmth

      District heating is fantastic for the environment. We use the heat generated when BIR incinerates your waste.

        Safety at home is your responsibility

        There are fires in between 1 500 and 2 000 homes in this country every year.

        Over 40 per cent of these fires are caused by faults in or incorrect use of electrical systems and apparatus. Owners and users are responsible for ensuring that electrical apparatus and systems are in order.

          Individual energy metering

          Most people's energy consumption varies, but with the help of our modern meters you can learn how much you have used. Or how little.

            Production of thermal energy and cooling

            BKK's local energy solutions are local systems for producing thermal energy and cooling. The hot water is used both for tap water and waterborne heating systems.