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Information to suppliers

BKK is entering into a busy period. We shall be making considerable investments in new and existing plant between now and 2020.

BKK Production plans to invest almost NOK 6 billion in new and existing plant. BKK Nett plans to invest around NOK 6.5 billion. In addition to this, almost NOK 1 billion will be invested in fibre. These enormous investments mean that we will be investing NOK 4 million every single day over this eight-year period.

Among other things, this will mean large-scale purchases of goods and services. Altogether, the investments will bring a need for work equivalent to17,650 man-years (FTEs), and the direct value creation will be NOK 6.2 billion. Three quarters of the value creation will occur in the municipalities covered by the BKK area.

All procurements will be open to tender. This means that you, as a supplier...
- will be invited to tender through selection in the qualification system Sellihca. BKK encourages potential bidders to register in this database.

BKK also participates in procurement partnerships with other, equivalent organisations, such as Kjøpekraft Vest and Vestlandsalliansen. Procurement for concession-based operations in the energy sector is regulated by the Public Procurement Act and the rules of the Supply Regulations.